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Daeil was born and raised in Gyeongnam, South Korea. During his youth, he moved around a lot due to his father who was serving as a Presbyterian pastor in various locations in S. Korea. In his early twenties, he repented toward God and believed in Christ while he was attending a Calvinistic Baptist church. He is a graduate of the Korean Baptist Convention’s university and seminary, where he first began reading and embracing 17th century Particular Baptist theology and practice. 


In 2008, Daeil married Yoonoak and together they have been blessed with five daughters: Yherin, Yhebin, Yhesuh, Yhejoo, and Yujin. 


In 2014, he was sent by his church in Busan to plant Noeun Sola Reformed Baptist Church in Deajeon, where he has been devotedly serving the congregation and advancing the Reformed Baptist cause in S. Korea. 

Photos updated in February, 2024. 

Pastor Park Family

Pastor Daeil Park, Yhebin, Yoonoak, Yherin, Yhesuh

     Yujin, Yhejoo 


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