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Sam and Taiuk met in 2014, while they were both attending Westminster Seminary California. There they learned of each other’s shared desire for a modern reformation in South Korea and more broadly East Asia. Over time they realized that they not only shared this same desire but that they also shared the same theology and philosophy for the pursuit of serving Christ and his church in South Korea. As time went on, their families grew closer together and as they attended classes, church planting and missions conferences, the Lord was seemingly moving them more and more in the direction of formally serving together in South Korea.


Sam was born and raised in a mill town in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. While living in Cheyenne Wyoming, he came to faith in Christ through a friend

named Frank, who taught Sam about the sinfulness of man and the righteousness of Christ. Sam and His wife Sanghee have been married since 2007 and they have two sons, Joonha and Sooha. They have been living in South Korea since February 2020.


Taiuk grew up in South Korea. While living with a family friend in Toronto Canada, he was introduced to Christianity in his early twenties and eventually he repented towards God and believed in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and eternal life. Taiuk and Yujin were married in 2009 and they have three boys, Somang, Roeh, and Raham. In March 2019, they moved back to South Korea.

Sam and TK Family Picture

TK, Yujin, Sanghee, Sam 

Somang, Joonha, Roeh, Sooha


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