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The Reformed Baptist Mission of South Korea


Taiuk Seo, Daeil Park, Samuel R. Gunnip 

Taiuk grew up in South Korea. While living with a family friend in Toronto Canada, he was introduced to Christianity in his early twenties and eventually he repented towards God and believed in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and eternal life. He is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California. In 2009, Taiuk married Yujin and together they have three boys, Somang, Roeh, and Raham. After living in Canada and America for 13 years, Taiuk move back to South Korea in 2019.

Daeil was born and raised in Gyeongnam, South Korea. In his early twenties, he repented toward God and believed in Christ while he was attending a Calvinistic Baptist church. He is a graduate of the Korean Baptist Convention’s university and seminary, where he first began reading and embracing the theology and practice of the Second London Confession. In 2008, Daeil married Yoonoak and together they have five daughters: Yherin, Yhebin, Yhesuh, Yhejoo, and Yujin.

Sam was born and raised in a mill town in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. While living in Cheyenne Wyoming, he came to faith in Christ through a friend named Frank, who taught Sam about the sinfulness of man and the righteousness of Christ. Sam is a graduate of Westminster Seminary California and IRBS. Sam and His wife Sanghee have been married since 2007 and they have two sons, Joonha and Sooha. They have been living in South Korea since 2020.

         In 2014, Daeil was sent by his church in Busan to plant Noeun Sola Reformed Baptist Church in Deajeon, where he has been devotedly pastoring the congregation and advancing the Reformed Baptist cause in South Korea. In February 2020, Concord Community Church of Concord Vermont sent Sam as an ordained pastor/elder to help Daeil promote Reformed Baptist theology and practice, to help reform already existing churches, and to plant healthy Reformed Baptist churches. 

         Sam and Taiuk first met in 2014, while they were both attending Westminster Seminary California. Over time, they began moving more and more in the direction of formally serving together in South Korea. This eventually materialized in August 2022, when Concord Community Church formally recognized Taiuk as Sam’s co-laborer and Concord’s South Korea Mission Team was established. In February 2023, Taiuk and his family moved to the Sejong-Daejeon area, joining Daeil and Sam at NSRBC where the three of them began working together to re-plant NSRBC after a major disruption. 

         On August 25th, 2024, NSRBC will be formally constituted with a new church order, a new covenanted membership, and a new plurality and parity of pastors where Daeil, Taiuk, and Sam will continue serving together, to help reform already existing churches and to plant healthy Reformed Baptist churches, in both South Korea and the greater region.

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