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Noeun Sola Reformed Baptist Church

In February 2020, at the invitation of Noeun Sola Reformed Baptist Church (NSRBC) in Daejeon South Korea, Concord Community Church (CCC) of Concord Vermont sent Sam as an ordained pastor/elder of CCC to serve alongside Pastor Park of NSRBC, to help promote Reformed Baptist theology and practice in their local church and to co-labor for a modern reformation among Baptist churches in South Korea. 

On August 28, 2022, with Concord’s formal recognition of Taiuk Seo as Sam’s co-laborer, Concord’s South Korea Mission Team was established. Sam and Taiuk are presently under the authority, care, commission, and charge of CCC, alongside Pastor Park and NSRBC in Daejeon S. Korea. 

In February 2023, Taiuk and his family moved to the Sejong-Daejeon area so that Sam and Taiuk could begin contributing together for the advancement of the Reformed Baptist cause there, to cultivate their relationship with and help Pastor Park at NSRBC, and to establish new and cultivate existing pastoral and ecclesiastical relationships outside of NSRBC with those who have an interest in Reformed Baptist theology and practice. 


For 2023, Pastor Park, Sam, and Taiuk are focused on rebuilding the church after a major disruption at the end of 2022. They are currently drafting a new church constitution and members covenant, as well as translating and preparing for publication two important 17th century Particular Baptist documents, Benjamin Keach’s, The Glory of a True Church and Nehemiah Coxe’s, A Sermon Preached at The Ordination of An Elder and Deacons


Sam and Taiuk’s desire for ministry in S. Korea includes a desire to see churches planted, existing churches strengthened and reformed, and the formation of an association of churches under the Second London Baptist Confession. Sam and Taiuk are more convinced now than ever of the great need to plant healthy Reformed Baptist churches in S. Korea, that Lord willing will become an association of churches.

Presently, Sam and Taiuk are focused on and committed to helping Pastor Park and NSRBC strengthen and reform their foundation. In the Lord’s timing, under CCC and alongside Pastor Park and NSRBC, Sam and Taiuk would like to explore what the future holds concerning the next Reformed Baptist church plant in S. Korea. Specifically, Sam and Taiuk would like to explore planting a multicultural bilingual church with the goal of reaching and teaching both Korean and English speakers in the Sejong-Daejeon area and forming an association of Reformed Baptist churches in S. Korea with NSRBC. 


In God’s providence, with the raising up and experience of Pastor Park and NSRBC, the centrally located cities of Daejeon (home of the Korean Baptist Convention, its Baptist university and seminary, and over 1.5 million in population) and nearby Sejong (the newly planned administrative capital with an estimated expected population of 1 million by 2030) seem like the wisest and most natural location for Sam and Taiuk to continue promoting Reformed Baptist theology and practice, building on the foundation already laid by Pastor Park and NSRBC. 

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