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Noeun Sola Reformed Baptist Church


  •  In February 2020, at the invitation of Pastor Park and NSRBC, Concord Community Church (CCC) of Concord Vermont sent Sam as an ordained pastor/elder of CCC to help Pastor Park promote Reformed Baptist theology and practice, to help reform already existing churches, and to plant healthy Reformed Baptist churches.


  • In August 2022, CCC formally recognized Taiuk Seo as Sam’s co-laborer, and CCC’s South Korea Mission Team was established.


  •  In February 2023, Taiuk and his family moved to the Sejong-Daejeon area, joining Pastors Park and Sam at NSRBC, where the three of them began working together to re-plant NSRBC after a major disruption.




  • In March 2024, Taiuk finished two translation projects related to the Second London Confession’s church order: Nehemiah Coxe’s A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of an Elder and Deacons and Benjamin Keach’s The Glory of a True Church. He then began his third translation project, The Mystery of Christ, His Covenant, and His Kingdom, by Samuel Renihan. Plans are being made to publish and distribute these resources. 


  • In April 2024, the new church order was finished and arrangements began being made to formally constitute NSRBC.

  • In April 2024, in order to develop the Korean language and cultural fluency necessary for effective long-term ministry, Sam began focusing primarily on his Culture & Language Acquisition (CLA).  


  • In May 2024, NSRBC moved to a new location in the building next door to its former location. This new location and space enables NSRBC to reach twice as many people with the Gospel and to stabilize a home base for the Reformed Baptist mission in South Korea.

  • In June 2024, NSRBC began teaching its Essentials class, as an introduction to the Faith and the life of the church. Arrangements have been made and baptisms have scheduled for August 17th. 

  • On August 25th, NSRBC will be formally constituted with a new church order, a new covenanted membership, and a new plurality and parity of pastors, where Sam and Taiuk will join Pastor Park as co-pastors of NSRBC. Under NSRBC and alongside supporting churches, Pastors Park, Taiuk, and Sam will continue serving together, to help reform already existing churches, to plant the next Reformed Baptist church, and to form an association of Reformed Baptist churches in South Korea.

  • In September 2024, in order to help establish a future community or institute of Reformed Baptist studies, Taiuk will begin PhD studies in theology at Jeonju University, Jeonju South Korea.

  • In September of 2024, to meet current needs at NSRBC and as a means to reach English speakers in the broader community, Sam is planning to start an English Bible study/christian education class on the Lord’s Day. 

  • In October of 2024, in order to reach the next generation of baptistic Christians and to increase the visibility of the Reformed Baptist mission, Sam and Taiuk are planning to start a theological-English book club at the Korean Baptist University and Seminary. 


  • In 2025 Pastors Park, Taiuk, and Sam are planning to continue stabilizing the foundation of NSRBC in order to create a secure home base for future mission plans.

    They are also planning to launch a publisher and to begin printing Reformed Baptist resources as the Lord provides the necessary resources.

    In addition to helping with the pastoral and outreach needs of NSRBC, Taiuk is planning to continue and expand his translation work and Sam is planning to continue his Culture & Language Acquisition.

    Pastors Park, Taiuk, and Sam are also planning to begin exploring the next Reformed Baptist church plant in the Daejeon-Sejong area, with the hope of reaching both Korean and English speakers with the Gospel.

Next 3-5 Years

  • Lord willing, in the next 3-5 years their goals are to plant the next Reformed Baptist church and with NSRBC to form an association of Reformed Baptist churches under the Second London Confession (26:14, 15); to increase the translation, publication, and distribution of Reformed Baptist resources; to establish an annual Reformed theology conference in the Sejong-Daejeon area; to establish cooperative partnerships with Reformed Baptist churches in East and South East Asia.

Beyond 5 Years

  • Beyond the next 5 years, their goals are for Pastor Park to pursue a PhD, in order to help establish a future community or institute of Reformed Baptist studies in South Korea; to form that community or institute in order to help pastors, aspiring pastors, and students of theology grow in their understanding of the theology and practice summarized in the Second London Confession, in order to further promote the reformation of already existing churches, and to promote the planting of additional healthy Reformed Baptist churches in South Korea and the greater region.

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